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Picklelytics Rankings Heading into PPA Cincinatti

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Background on Our Rankings

We currently use a composite score based on 2023 PPA tournament stats. Our score heavily biases rewarding players for medals, and biases toward player activity in 2023 tournaments by rewarding wins slightly more than detracting for losses. We also do an adjustment for doubles rankings since a player's doubles outcome is correlated with their partner's own strength in the doubles division.

We've had some requests to show our ranking alongside the PPA's ranking. We're working on it 🚧.

Men's Rankings: Credit Where Credit is Due

In our Men's Overall Top 20, we see Collin Johns jump from #9 to #8, and Matt Wright fall from #8 to #9, despite Collin not playing PPA Kansas City and Matt Wright winning his first gold medal of the year alongside Ben Johns. This was due to modifications we've made to our doubles composite score, which resulted in Collin getting more credit for his doubles performance despite being partnered with the #1 player in the world, Ben Johns.

Collin often gets discredited for his gendered doubles prowess, even though he is a whopping 59-6 this year with 9 gold medals and 2 silver medals. Of course, most of those wins came with Ben, but Collin did play PPA Red Rock with Dekel Bar, where they finished just two points away from winning gold (against Tyson McGuffin and Brendon Long). Ben also recently declared that Collin is the best right side doubles player in the world.

The Jump from APP to PPA: Judit Castillo and Dominique Schaefer

Coming in at #5 on our Women's Singles Top 20, Judit Castillo has in a short time established herself as one of the best women's singles players in pro pickleball. Back in April, Castillo broke on to the scene with a gold medal at APP. She then won back to back bronze medals in PPA San Clemente and PPA Denver.

Dominique Schaefer is another APP player who's burst on to the scene, after back to back singles gold medals at APP Chicago and APP Philadelphia, defeating top PPA players like Salome Devidze and Judit Castillo.

This weekend, it appears that neither Castillo nor Schaefer is playing in either the PPA or APP tournament. But how does Schaefer fair in the PPA? We have her as the #18 women's singles player in the PPA with a 9-11 PPA singles record in 2023. Her best finish in a PPA tournament was 6th place back in June at PPA San Clemente. Schaefer's last PPA tournament was the Takeya Showcase in LA a month ago, but we hope to see her compete again in the PPA soon, hopefully before she's exclusively with MLP in 2024.

Meghan Dizon's Comeback

After a silver medal doubles finish at PPA Kansas City, Meghan Dizon jumps from #9 to #6 in our Women's Doubles Top 20. Dizon played in the PPA Tournament of Champions a week prior to the Kansas City event, but had missed three straight PPA events before that while recovering from a concussion injury. Dizon's new partnership with Anna Bright performed great in Kansas City and they're running it back in Cincinnati.

Rise in the Rankings for Jessie Irvine

Jessie Irvine sees a jump from #9 to #7 in Women's Overall Top 20, after a silver Mixed Doubles finish at PPA Kansas City a week after her bronze in Mixed Doubles at the Tournament of Champions (where she also won 4th in Women's Doubles). With her revitalized partnership with Riley Newman and new partners in Women's Doubles, it will be interesting to see what Irvine can achieve in the next few tournaments. This weekend at PPA Cincinnati, Irvine plays Mixed with Riley Newman and Women's Doubles with Andrea Koop.


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